See what people are saying about Frank and his work...


"Frank contacted us about selling our home. We were skeptical at first, seeing we wanted to try selling on our own. We took a chance on Frank, not knowing him, and were very pleased with the results. We have referred a lot of business to Frank since then."

— Paolo and Ashley Hawley

"Trying to sell our home ourselves was a nightmare. We actually thought we had sold it ourselves. Turns out the buyer's attorney knew the law better than we or our attorney did. In the end, having Frank on our side was something we wish we had done from the start. But we just had to try on our own for a while."

— Howard and Leslie Effler

"I tried to sell my home myself. I received lots of phone calls and had some showings but no contracts. Come to find out most of these "buyers" were not qualified to buy an outhouse. Frank had less showings than I did but all of them were much better prospects than I was able to produce. I wasted a lot of time and money trying to sell by owner."

— Rose O'Neal

"Most of the motivated and qualified buyers are working with Realtors already. Paying Frank the little extra cost to capture that market was the best move I made."

— Jim Davis

"I was a buyer working with Frank. When he showed me homes that were for sale by owners, the owners would not leave me alone. They stayed with me every step of the way or they wanted to tell me everything possible about the damn home. I felt like saying "Please give me some space, leave me alone". I did not like looking at these homes. The sellers were nice but I didn't like dealing directly with them. Too many little details could be left to chance. Frank helped me keep things in perspective. He also has a good sense of humor which made this a very pleasant experience."

— Martha Miller

"I was a buyer working with Frank. The fact that he is a full time broker and in touch with the market every day, allowed me to get a great home even before it went on the open market. I placed my confidence and trust with him and he did not disappoint me."

— Donna Wrenn