People in your area who have trusted Frank Cotrupi with the sale or purchase of their home.

Name Street Address
Name Street Address
Keystone Homes 4012 Catesby Jones Dr. 
Cavalier Homes  108 Lantana Ln. #30
Keystone Homes 2 Mallard Run
Keystone Homes183 Parkway Dr.
Cavalier Homes245 Lantana Ln 
James and June Johnston303 Keith Rd.
Estate of Delores Barger517 Almond Ct.
Penny Mac107 Rip Rap Rd.
Penny Mae 4 Dundee Rd.
Perl Joquey 26 Clemwood Pkwy
Fannie Mae 18 Harris Creek Rd.
Fannie Mae 10 Wilderness Rd.
Don & Sero Ellison 102 Artillery Rd.
James D. & Eileen Jenkins 154 Wilderness Rd.
Kenneth W. Coleman 109 Armstrong Drive
Joseph & Jane Gunder 111 Admiral Ct.
Pauline M. Butts 1038 Windjammer Dr.
RACO Investment Group 19 Eastmoreland Dr.
RACO Investments Group 19 Eastmoreland Dr.
William & Barbara Foskey 701 Ida St.
Philip Smith, Jr. 3207 Matoaka Rd
Robert & Kristin Purnell 65 Cavalier Rd
Ryan Vaughn 30 St. Albans drive
Bobby Allsbrook 407 Woodland Road
Bobbie Allsbrook 2 Copely Ln
Laurie Leivers 246 Dockside Drive
Trish Barlow 220 Bailey Park Drive
Thomasina Hall 300 Woodside Drive
Barry & Julie Hutchison 118 Drummonds Way
Jacqueline Sincere 211 W. Gilbert Street
Paolo & Ashley Hawley 338 Ambler Court
Thomas & Morgan O’Bryan 22 W. Sunset Road
Joe Sharp 123 Eggleston Avenue
Dave & Bonnie Rouch 208 Hidalgo Drive
David & Lilibeth Ide 534 Elizabeth Lake Drive
Alan & Barbara Parrish 103 Apollo Drive
Jim Ramsey Jr. 32 Harris Creek Road
Joseph Passarelli 628 Houston Avenue
Richard Rosser 108 Mill Point Drive
Pat Alexander 309 Nelson Parkway
Chuck Niskey 229 Armistead Ave S
Ann Ruffin 316 Orange Plank Road
Jim & Kathy Gierlak 15 Melissa Court
Tony Honeycutt 300 Woodside Drive
Sam Sawan 32 Glascow Way
Roger & Melanie Lowman 21 Edinburgh Drive
Anne Baxter 232 Bailey Park Drive
Beth Nystrom 123 Eggleston Ave
Margarita Salinas 98 Apollo Drive
Clint & Jessica Wallace 712 E. Little Back River Rd.
Laurie Lievers 246A Dockside Drive
Keith & Doris Tucci 127 Peachtree Lane
Joseph Passarelli 618 Houston Drive
Albert Newton 362 Hopemont Circle
Art & Paula Palermo 134 Glascow Way
Ruth Masters 105 Eggleston Ave
Sarah & Joseph Ratti4012 Catesby Jones Dr.
Cavalier Homes245 Lantana Ln Unit #A
Cavalier Homes108 Lantana Ln. Unit #30
Byron Knowles204 Skipper Court
Keystone Homes7 Overlook Ct
Keystone Homes15 Howe Road
Sa Dinh & Phien Van Nguyen5 Wild Flower Cir