People in your area who have trusted Frank Cotrupi with the sale or purchase of their home.

Name Street Address
Name Street Address
Keystone Homes 1640 Old Buckroe Rd
Lorraine King165 Atlantic Ave. #A
Roy & Victoria Stutts2610 E. Pembroke Ave.
Jackie Washington1640 Old Buckroe Rd.
Douglas Herr 380 N. 1st St.
Jack Georgalas 47 Bay Front Pl.
Donnie & Sandy White 36 Sarfen Dr.
Samuel Johnson 13 Routten Rd.
Mark & Lindsey Rew 107 Benson Dr.
Samuel Jackson 13 Routten Rd.
SSH LLC 1405 Big Bethel Rd.
Jarry Warren 380 1st St. N.
Raco Investment 435 Benthall Rd.
Dana Brill 319 Buckroe Ave.
Bobby Allsbrook 2002 Wood Ave.
Linda Day 305 2nd St. N
Larry Bogues 45 Fox Grove Dr.
Rob & Shawn Winfield 14 Tiffany Ln.
Major Chappell 10 Easthill Ct.
Tom & Linda Sawyer 5 Alvin Dr.
Robert Winfield 14 Tiffany Ln.
Don & Mary Jones 15 Pine Ln.
Guy Hood 15 Northcutt Dr.
Joseph & Arlene Davis 15 Northcutt Dr.
James & Angelika Curtin 212 Woodburn Dr.
Mike & Sabina Jacobson 34 Sharon Bass Dr.
Clyde & Cindy Pilkington 13 Beach Rd.
Debra Wynne1640 Old Buckroe Rd.
Anne Guajardo26 Salt Pond Rd.